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Shake It Up After School's 2013 Production Season

Presenting: Henry V

Parents, performers and instructors alike, Director Nicole Myer and Communications Coordinator Nichole Di Dio welcome you to Taft Elementary's Spring 2013 "Shake It Up" production of Henry V. We're both extremely excited and committed to spending the next several weeks working with you on making this show a rewarding experience for everyone involved.

With this blog we hope to provide you with information about ourselves and the program so that you'll be able to follow our progress and stay up to date of what's new in SIUAS at Taft. We hope to post weekly updates with photos and announcements from each week's rehearsals.


Director's Contact Info

Director: Nicole Marie Myer (Miss Marie)
Email: nicolemyer@u.boisestate.edu
Phone: (208) 340-1517
Bio: This is my first year with Shake It Up After-School. I've been a subsitute teacher for a boy's choir and have participated in theater productions at Knock 'Em Dead Dinner Theater as well as Boise Little Theater. I'm super excited to work with you all on this production.

Communications Coordinator: Nichole Di Dio (Miss Nichole)
Email: nicholedidio@u.boisestate.edu
Bio: This is my third year working with SIUAS at Taft Elementary. I'll be working as Taft's communications coordinator. That means I'm the one you contact when you have questions if you have any scheduling conflicts, if you'd like to donate time or resources to the program, or if you have any questions about the program. Please, feel free to email me if you need help or special consideration--that's why I'm here.


Rehearsal Schedule:

Week 1: Mon-Thurs, March 4-7, 3:15-5:00 p.m.
Week 2: Mon-Thurs, March 11-14, 3:15-5:00 p.m.
Week 3: Mon-Thurs, March 18-21, 3:15-5:00 p.m.
Week 4: Mon-Thurs, April 1-4, 3:15-5:00 p.m.
Week 5: Mon-Thurs, April 8-11, 3:15-5:00 p.m.
Week 6: Mon-Thurs, April 15-18, 3:15-5:00 p.m.
Friday, April 19th is our Performance Day!
Please be sure your student has all day free on Friday, April 19th.

We'll be having two performances:
  • One at 1:30 p.m. -- for the 3rd-6th grade students and staff at Taft Elementary, &
  • One at 5:30 p.m. -- for parents, guardians and any others who'd like to attend.

Feb 14 -- ANNOUNCED: Taft's Personnel!

The BSU Leaders have been selected to work at Taft Elementary! They are... Ms. Britney G., Mr. Greg S., Ms. Jess W., Ms. Lacey S., Ms. Jennifer S., Mr. Jon W., Mr. Chris W. & Mr. Will C. III.

Dates personnel should know:
March 4, Monday -- first day of SIUAS!


Week 1 -- March 4-7 -- Audition Week

This week was all about getting to know one another! We played games, talked about Henry V and, at the end of the week, had a talent show!

Miss Marie talking with the actors and actresses
The Boise State students were all incredibly impressed with each of the Taft students and looked forward to buckling down and deciding who would be playing each role in the play.


Week 2 -- March 11-14 -- Learning the Plot

The casting selections were announced! Each role, or compilation of roles in some cases, finally met their maker (or the Taft student who would inevitably be bringing them to life during the performance). Each Taft student was now able to read their character's lines as well as get to know their character's personality on an individual level. 

Casting List:

Nadiyah -- Lord Grey, French Maiden Josine, Magistrate & French Soldier Bertrand
Susila -- Bishop Ely, English Soldier Nym, French Maiden Clarette & Earl of Grandpré
Aiden -- Duke of Orleans & Chorus 7
Bradley -- Duke of Exeter
Zahara -- Lady Alice, Chorus 6 & French Soldier Guillames
Reagan -- Chorus 1, Lord Cambridge & the French Dauphin
Dawsen -- King Henry V
Cole -- Constable of France
Sienna -- Archbishop Canterbury, Duke of Bedford & Captain Gower
Patience -- English Soldier Fitz & French Maiden Gabrielle
Chloe -- The French King & French Soldier Bazile
Connor -- Duke of Bourbon
MN* -- Courier Auclair & Duke of York
Claire -- Lady Nell, Governor of Harfleur, Chorus 5 & French Soldier Dedantes
Emily -- Chorus 2, French Maiden Madeleine, Captain Fluellen & Sir Erpingham
Mikiah -- English Soldier Pistol
RS* -- English Soldier Bardolph & English Soldier Michael Williams
Andrew -- Chorus 3 & Soldier John Bates
Kylie -- Duke of Gloucester
Christine -- Princess Katherine & French Soldier Gilbert
Faith -- Lord Scroop, French Maiden Genevieve, Magistrate & Duke of Burgundy
Luke -- Chorus 4 & Ambassador Montjoy

*We have not been given permission by the parent or guardian to list this student's information; therefore, only their initials have been provided.

Highlight: Henry V Jeopardy!

Director Miss Marie and the Boise State students worked through the plot and events of Henry V with the Taft students in order to help them better understand Shakespeare's language and content. The Taft students asked many intelligent questions as the week progressed. Thus, by Thursday's rehearsal they were able to join together in Teams in order to answer every challenging question Miss Marie asked in...
Henry V Jeopardy! While, in the end, the Flaming Tigers! won the game, the Lobsters! were not far behind. 


Week 3 -- March 18-21 -- Memorizing Lines

The Boise State instructors were all very impressed with the memorization of so many lines this week! While many Taft student's character's have few lines, that did not stop them from working to bring those characters to life by making not only the lines memorable but also their character.

A few students with more than the average amount of lines may need more time to memorize all of their lines; however, with due diligence and the assistance of the Boise State student instructors, we have no doubt even they will be able to be fully memorized by the performance and excited to get on stage!

Highlight: Battle Choreography

This week BSU student Will, taught the Taft students six different moves to use when in battle. They are:

1:  overhead swing, straight down
2:  swing at the right side, looks like throwing a baseball
3:  swing at the left side
4.  swing at the right leg, looks like a bowling swing
5:  swing at the left leg, backhanded downward
6:  thrust straight into chest

Disclaimer: We encourage each student to remember to stand limbs-width away from their compatriots for safety's sake. To quote our parents, "It's all fun and games... until someone gets hurt." We will remove students from the battle scenes who we believe are not being considerate of their personal safety as well as the safety of their fellow soldiers.



Week 4 -- April 1-4 -- Blocking

Week 5 -- April 8-11 -- Costumes and Props

Week 6 -- April 15-19 -- Dress Rehearsals! and Performance!

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